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rustic look hardwood flooring in living room

Hardwood Flooring in Timmins, ON

Find out about beautiful hardwood floors at Carpet Man Carpet One Floor & Home in Timmins, Ontario. We've got different kinds of hardwood for you, like engineered and solid. Each one has its own special features to make your home look great.


What to Expect: Our Hardwood Flooring Guide


The Two Types of Hardwood Flooring: Engineered & Solid

The Different Hardwood Species at Carpet Man Carpet One

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Hardwood Floors

FAQs about Hardwood Flooring

Upgrade your home with the beauty of hardwood flooring! Keep reading to learn about our hardwood options and why they're a great investment for your home.


The Two Types of Hardwood: Engineered & Solid

When you think about hardwood floors in Timmins, Ontario, there are two main types to choose from:


Engineered Hardwood


Solid Hardwood



The Different Hardwood Species at Carpet Man Carpet One

There are different kinds of wood you can pick for your floors, like:


5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Hardwood Floors for Your Timmins Home

To choose the best hardwood floors for your home, think about these things:



FAQs About Hardwood Flooring


Q. How does humidity affect hardwood flooring in Timmins, Ontario?

 A. Changes in humidity and temperature can make hardwood floors get bigger or smaller. That's why customers often go for engineered hardwood in Timmins.



Q: What's the best humidity level for hardwood in your home? 

A: To protect your floors from future warping or damage, it’s best to keep the humidity level between 30% and 50%.



Q. Is hardwood a good choice for the environment? 

A. Yes! Hardwood is a renewable resource. This means that forests can keep growing if they're taken care of. Hardwood floors can also last a really long time, which means there is less waste.



Q: Is engineered or solid hardwood better? 

A: While both are good, we usually suggest engineered hardwood because it's more durable and can handle changes in humidity.



Q: What kind of wood species should I pick? 

A: Oak and hickory are some of the popular hardwoods chosen because they are incredibly durable. Ultimately, the choice is up to you and what you prefer.



Q: Can I use hardwood in homes with pets? 

A: Some kinds of hardwood may not be suitable for pets.


Q: Are there hardwood styles that can handle water and scratches? 

A: Yes, there are styles with finishes that help with that. Contact us to get started on your hardwood flooring project today!



Q: Where can I put hardwood in my home? 

A: You can put hardwood in lots of places, like the living room, bedroom, and hallways.



Q. Can hardwood be put in wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms? 

A. Yes, but you need to choose the right kind. Engineered hardwood works best in places with lots of moisture.



Q: How do I take care of my hardwood floors?

A: Regular sweeping, vacuuming, and light mopping are sufficient for daily maintenance.


Get the Best Hardwood Floors in Timmins, ON

At Carpet Man Carpet One Floor & Home, we're here to make sure you love your new hardwood floors. We have lots of different brands and styles, so you can pick what works for you. Start making your home more beautiful and long-lasting by visiting our showroom to see the amazing hardwood options in Timmins, Ontario.

Stylish Flooring Solutions for Your Living Room

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light toned hardwood flooring in midcentury modern dining room

The Best Pet-Friendly Flooring

Keep your floors and your four-legged friend happy with these pet-friendly flooring solutions.
grey toned hardwood flooring in herringbone pattern in living room
rustic hardwood flooring in living room

Discover Hardwood Flooring

Find the best waterproof, pet-friendly, and stylish hardwood to suit your lifestyle, only at Carpet Man in Timmins, ON.

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