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Custom Area Rugs

Area Rug Guide

Have you been looking for the perfect area rug? At Carpet Man Carpet One Floor & Home, we offer a variety of made-to-order rugs and runners that are stylish and high-quality. Our professional flooring and home design team can walk you through our selection and help you find a design you love.


Benefits of Area Rugs

We love the decorative detail that area rugs can bring to any space. You can choose a darker, intricately patterned piece to add depth to a room, or a bright beige or grey carpet for a more open, airy appearance. You can even switch out your area rugs each season to accommodate a different atmosphere. This is especially nice in spaces where family gathers or you spend a lot of time during the holidays.

Area rugs provide more than just decorative value for your home. They also help protect hardwood and other floor surfaces from wear and tear in high-traffic rooms like your living room. Flooring in these areas can sustain damage from furniture dents, pet claws, spilled food, and other problems. An area rug can protect your permanent flooring and help it last longer. Additionally, they provide a cozy, soft touch underfoot and they can help improve room acoustics.

Our experts can help you create the perfect custom area rug for any space. Whether you have a large or small room, are working in a residential or commercial space, we can help. Plan a visit to our Timmins, Ontario showroom to get started.

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